Coeur De Lion is one of the most recognisable Jewellery Brands around. Designed with clear shapes and a keen feel for colour, head designer Carola Eckrodt has succeeded in making CDL a leading world jewellery brand which has been around for over 30 years. Created in the 1980’s, when people were dancing the night away to the Eurythmicss and Depeche Mode in the clubs, Carola was experimenting with industrial parts and turning them into jewellery. The unusual creations instantly appealed, and this was the start of Couer De Lion’s success story.

Couer De Lion is a leading manufacturer of fashionable designer jewellery for women based in Germany. Having launched the brand in 1987, Carola and Nil Eckrodt still run the company today. The brand has been awarded numerous awards, including German Brand Award and Jewellery Brand of the Year by the prestigious UK Watch & Jewellery Awards.

The distinguishing features of the brand are the clean lines and designer Carola’s fine sense for colour. The combination of this artistical resolve and dedication to playing with colours makes Coeur De Lion not only desirable but also timeless beyond measure. This is why the jewellery is on sale in over 30 countries and is so special to so many women.

All the jewellery is made using top-quality materials, such as 316L stainless steel, soft nappa leather, Swarovski® crystals or diamond-cut anodised aluminium with its remarkable satin finish. Products feature real gemstones like haematites, onyx and tiger’s eye. Here at Macmillans we really like the high standards used by Coeur De Lion when it comes to the manufacturing process. Numerous production steps are carried out lovingly by hand at the studios in Stuttgart. CDL jewellery belongs to the group known as “Bridge Jewellery” which means they are handcrafted premium products that are available at a fair price, filling the gap between fashion jewellery and those more expensive pieces.

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